Help with usb_report_filter

Colin Parker cvparker at
Fri May 12 02:03:30 CEST 2023

Thanks for your message. However, I am still confused.

with commit [0] the usb_filter_rom README states that the <raw> node is
> gone, if I'm not mistaken. Are you on an older Genode release (before this
> commit) or something current ?
> [0]

It is indeed stated in the README this way in my version, which contains
both commit [0] and the more recent commit [1] below (which only seems to
address format strings and doesn't affect the <raw> node that I can see).
But my confusion is because commit [0] does not have any changes to
"repos/os/src/app/usb_report_filter/", so I don't understand how/why
the behavior of the component can change to match the change in README.
Further, a search for "raw" through reveals code (lines 173-192)
that appears to generate the <raw> node, so I assume this feature is used
in at least some cases still? BTW the only difference from my version of
usb_report_filter to current master is that I enable "verbose" to try to
figure out what's going on.

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