VNC server thoughts

ttcoder at ttcoder at
Sun May 14 12:51:32 CEST 2023

Dear Genodians,

Late this week I decided it was time to add a VNC server to my "suite", spent a bit of time on that, here's my feedback. Skip to bottom for "actionable" stuff.

My first instinct was to grep repos/ genode-world for the string "vnc" since those two are my go-to places to find ports.

Found VNC-related libs and a "hello world" style example server. (its Makefile seems to need tweaking BTW).

Checked out and indeed VNC server is listed there as a potential future task.
So that settled it, I thought, I will have to wait until someone volunteers (or volunteer myself).
But reading more carefully, I noted it referenced the old "Framebuffer" interface instead of the up-to-date "Gui" interface, and "Input" instead of "Events".
So that prompted me to also grep my internal notes and... found a reference to , which addresses my need neatly. Yay !

It seems to require a one-liner patch though, otherwise it crashes with a "invalid zero alloc" style message.
So I just went ahead and hardcoded a non-empty initial _area (setting it to 320,200) on the first line of this constructor here (_area gets set to the correct screen size later in the code path anyway). Seems leaving it set to "capture.screensize" sets it to an empty area otherwise.

Will look into adding password support etc but I'm already quite a happy camper at any rate, this propels me way ahead.


Some low-priority recommendations (for after the 23.05 release when the dust settles):

* maybe update (or remove) the "challenges" entry about a VNC server
* maybe look into "make test/ vnc server example" : I solved the "example.o not found" error with a hackish hardcoding of the full path (strange that it's needed, the "vpath" gmake directive should suffice? my gmake skills are close to zero so not sure)
* maybe look into the "zero alloc" crash.


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