BBC Basic binary for Genode / armv8

Michael Grunditz michael.grunditz at
Thu May 4 20:02:45 CEST 2023

Hello Genodians,

I have added a BBC Basic binary to my genode-rockchip gitbub repo [1]. Put
it in your build/armv8_a/bin directory. I don't have any ready to use run
You need to run the terminal scenario and make sure that stdout/in is to
the terminal.

The reason for not doing source upload is that the build system for it is
broken.  This will change in the future.

The status for my RISC OS / Genode project is that I am prototyping the cpu
emulation layer on pc/linux. Right now I can boot RISC OS and run some
simple commands. The main issues on a target system is to get interrupts to
the emulation from hardware. I think that I can map up the GIC without much
problems, but the GIC will interrupt the cpu that runs the emulation. It
will be a slight an adventure to get it into the emulation!

Have fun with basic , tell me if you can use it!


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