Can Genode run on the Mixtile Blade 3?

Jacek Rużyczka jacek.ruzyczka at
Sat May 6 00:46:08 CEST 2023

I'm returning to my original question as I've now got the chance to get a
Mixtile board within a month or so. I've read a thread about Genode being
ported to the Pinephone Explorer. Is it based on the RK3399S, not on
the RK3588,
right? I also wonder how the so-called U.2 interface /* in fact it's
necessary to use an adapter board to attach a U.2 drive */ will work with


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> Den sön 16 okt. 2022 00:58Jacek Rużyczka via users <users at>
> skrev:
>> Good evening Genodians,
>> in a couple of months I'll receive a number of Mixtile Blade 3 SBCs
>> (based on the RK3588)
>> and would
>> like to (at least) try to equip them with the Genode OS. What's necessary
>> for my project, is clustering four such nodes with a PCIe switch (supplied
>> by Mixtile; see their web page) as well as using single SBCs as storage
>> nodes, which will be connected to a hard drive.
>> Is it possible to port Genode onto this platform, or is this
>> impossible with the current version? I simply don't wanna start an infaust
>> undertaking. Thank
> I have plans to start porting to rk3588 pretty soon and would be happy to
> collaborate. I have a different target, but most work is to get soc
> supported.
> Br
> Michael Grunditz
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