Regarding ARM on Genode virt_qemu_arm_v8a

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Tue Feb 7 15:15:47 CET 2023

Hi Divya,

Your drivers seem to come up fine, but your event filter (the server for
filtering and multiplexing your input events) indicates that it cannot
accept the sessions that the drivers are trying to create [3] because
you didn't configure event_filter appropriately. However, the config for
the event_filter is normally created dynamically by the sculpt_manager
component. Please run [6] to see where this happens. Together with [1]
and [2] you could then fix the event_filter config in the sculpt_manager.

The same way you can find a solution for [4], which is also due to bad
event_filter configuration.

Finally, [5] is because you need some server to provide a numlock.remap
file to the event_filter. I assume that your drivers config is simply
missing the numlock_remap_rom server that you can find, for instance,
also in [7].

IMO, you're not going the wrong way. You simply are going a way that is
not officially supported yet and therefore needs some effort and insight
in order to work ;)

I hope this helps?



[2] repos/os/src/server/event_filter/README

[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: no policy defined for label
[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: no policy defined for label

[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: invalid <output> configuration

[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Error: ROM-session creation failed
(ram_quota=6144, cap_quota=3, label="numlock.remap")
[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Error: Could not open ROM session for

[6] grep -r "event_filter" repos/gems/src/app/sculpt_manager/
[7] repos/allwinner/sculpt/drivers/pinephone

On 07.02.23 10:17, Divya Sharma wrote:
> Thanks, martin.
> I added the mentioned arguments and executed
> *sudo make run/sculpt_test KERNEL=hw BOARD=virt_qemu_arm_v8a DEPOT=tar
> LOG=core*
> The command then got the following log messages on the terminal .
> After by changing some driver configuration at
> *genode/repos/gems/sculpt/drivers/virt_qemu_arm_v8a *
> I got the GUI running the sculpt in QEMU but it still  got stuck in the
> INIT itself and shows the earlier ROM error. and also giving some
> warning like 
> [init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: no policy defined for label
> 'keyboard'
> [init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: no policy defined for label
> 'mouse'
> Maybe I missed some driver configuration and because of that I am not
> able to do anything with the keyboard and mouse (like moving the cursor
> pointer and selecting the menus )in the running image in QEMU.  
> Kindly help me to figure it out.
> Coming to execution of arm image in QEMU it is said that the
> virt_qemu_arm_v8a platform is not supported to run
> Sculpt yet. But we can use the Alternatively, to execute Genode on Qemu,
> you can instead use another "board" as target. Currently, "pbxa9" and
> "virt_qemu_arm_v7a" as boards to target ARM 32-bit, and
> "virt_qemu_arm_v8a" to target ARM 64-bit on Qemu and that is what i am
> trying.
> If I am going the wrong way then please guide me on that.
> Best.......,
> Divya.

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