Regarding ARM on Genode virt_qemu_arm_v8a

Divya Sharma divyasharma26546 at
Tue Feb 7 10:17:15 CET 2023

Thanks, martin.
I added the mentioned arguments and executed
*sudo make run/sculpt_test KERNEL=hw BOARD=virt_qemu_arm_v8a DEPOT=tar
The command then got the following log messages on the terminal .
After by changing some driver configuration at
*genode/repos/gems/sculpt/drivers/virt_qemu_arm_v8a *
I got the GUI running the sculpt in QEMU but it still  got stuck in the
INIT itself and shows the earlier ROM error. and also giving some
warning like
[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: no policy defined for label
[init -> drivers -> event_filter] Warning: no policy defined for label
Maybe I missed some driver configuration and because of that I am not able
to do anything with the keyboard and mouse (like moving the cursor pointer
and selecting the menus )in the running image in QEMU.
Kindly help me to figure it out.

Coming to execution of arm image in QEMU it is said that the
virt_qemu_arm_v8a platform is not supported to run
Sculpt yet. But we can use the Alternatively, to execute Genode on Qemu,
you can instead use another "board" as target. Currently, "pbxa9" and
"virt_qemu_arm_v7a" as boards to target ARM 32-bit, and "virt_qemu_arm_v8a"
to target ARM 64-bit on Qemu and that is what i am trying.
If I am going the wrong way then please guide me on that.


On Mon, Feb 6, 2023 at 10:00 PM Martin Stein <martin.stein at>

> Hi Divya,
> The log file you attached contains nothing substantial because, AFAICT,
> you have to add LOG=core to your command line:
> make run/sculpt_test ... LOG=core
> Please consider re-sending the log file with the mentioned option added.
> As Stefan already mentioned, Sculpt + ARM + Qemu is not officially
> supported yet. If this is an alternative for you, Sculpt + Qemu + x86_64
> is supported:
> ./tool/create_builddir x86_64
> cd build/x86_64/
> sed -i "s/#REP/REP/" etc/build.conf
> echo "MAKE += -j8" >> etc/build.conf
> echo "CCACHE := yes" >> etc/build.conf
> make run/sculpt_test KERNEL=hw BOARD=pc DEPOT=tar LOG=core
> Cheers,
> Martin
> On 06.02.23 14:40, Divya Sharma wrote:
> > Thanks a lot Stefan for your explanation about the driver configuration.
> > I followed your roadmap and tried to configure the drivers with help of
> > the driver subsystem file that you mentioned for virt_qemu_arm_v8a
> > platform and generated the image.elf
> > at /*genode/build/arm_v8a/var/run/sculpt/boot/image.elf.*
> > While executing it to get the gui on QEMU i got the following error
> message.
> >
> > Maybe I did something wrong in
> > the *genode/repos/gems/sculpt/drivers/virt_qemu_arm_v8a*  and missed any
> > drivers in
> the /*genode/repos/gems/sculpt/default-virt_qemu_arm_v8a.sculpt*.
> > Also I am not sure how to write this configuration.
> > Kindly guide me to configure the required drivers to boot the image in
> qemu.
> >
> >
> > Regards,
> > Divya.
> >
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