Running genode on QEMU having board support of raspberry pi for arm_v8.

Michael Grunditz michael.grunditz at
Sun Feb 5 18:27:11 CET 2023

On Sun, 5 Feb 2023 at 15:37, DHIRAJ PRAJAPATI
<dhirajprajapati96 at> wrote:
> Thanks, Michael for suggesting the uboot tools.
> I generated the uImage successfully.
> Now to boot the image on QEMU I first tried to get the log.img using
> make run/log KERNEL=hw BOARD=rpi3 VERBOSE=
> by adding QEMU_RUN_OPT := --include image/disk
> But could not figure out to resolve the problem that the kernel is not getting loaded.
> Also, guide me if I can do something with uImage(var/run/log/boot/uImage) to get the GUI in QEMU.

Reading your error log. Do you have a var/run/log/boot/image.elf?

When it works qemu  should print messages in your terminal.


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