Italian keyboard layout (was: General Improvements for Sculpt)

Edoardo Mantovani mantovani.edoardo18 at
Sun Mar 21 19:06:59 CET 2021

I am working for improve the quality of the keyboard, for now I was able to
add the "[", "," and the "]" to their right keys.
Only one problem, I do NOT know the "false"/"true" sequence needed for
SHIFT-ALTGR, I need it for implementing the "{" / "}"
if anyone knows that, please let me know,
I have tested some of the four combinations, but none works for now.
Otherwise, I send the fixed chargen, day by day it will become even better.

( I am referring to the: <map mod1="false" mod2="true" mod3="true"
mod4="true"> structure ).

Il giorno sab 20 mar 2021 alle ore 22:39 Edoardo Mantovani <
mantovani.edoardo18 at> ha scritto:

> Hello Norman,
> Sorry if this month I was inactive, but school and personal engagements
> were particularly heavy, specially in those days..
> Now, I agree with your layout changer menu, nice idea, an Ubuntu style
> would fit with the os theme, and yeah, if we must give Italian layout, it
> MUST be great.
> For the translation I am having some problems of time in those days, I am
> still thinking on the brace question, I send you the fixed chargen where
> the problem is partially solved, I was able to find the key for the
> KEY_LFTBRACE ("{") which is correct in my Italian keyboard, but the
> KEY_RIGHTBRACET still didn't works.. when I'll have time I'll try to
> complete it as much as I can.
> I have some hints to give for your Genode toolchain: I've seen that the
> manual compilation is quite long, but there isn't any automatic script
> which install automatically every pre-requisite, the ways would be to
> create an sh file where:
> 1) you enable the "universe" repository ( sudo add-apt-repository universe
> )
> 2) you gather info of the host system ( clang version and arch version ->
> respectively `gcc -v` and `uname -m` )
> 3) you automatically install all the packages (libncurses, autoconfig
> ecc..) and through and int() approximation of your GCC version, you install
> gnat (for the current GCC version)
> NOTE: remember to add `git` as pre-requisite, usually fresh Ubuntus os
> didn't have it!
> 4) you launch the command:  `tool_chain  <arch>` where arch has been
> parsed and retrieved from `uname -m`
> I know that this is quite simple to do even for a beginner, but I learnt
> that more you automate the installation procedure for your software, more
> you'll have success selling it.
> Another few ideas for the future:
> * Open some bug bounty hunts for your Sculpt os, this will bring new
> people to study it for finding security breach (you can choose the prize
> for the vulnerability discovered).
> * I know that I am so repetitive, but try to create a scripting language
> which works only in your OS, Limbo for Inferno OS can be a great
> suggestion, if you do this, you may attire interested peoples for that.
> Another bad news: today I've tried to install the Genode toolchain on my
> 64 bit pc, the pre-compiled packages didn't works and, even if the manual
> installation works, when I execute goa run, the same error of the last time
> happen, even if I am in a different computer.
> I would like to program an User-Space bluetooth client, I was studying
> some examples from the internet and I think that is extremely affordable to
> do, I'll experiment anything in those days.
> Regards,
> Edoardo Mantovani, 2021
> Il giorno sab 20 mar 2021 alle ore 16:41 Norman Feske <
> norman.feske at> ha scritto:
>> Hello Edoardo,
>> for the upcoming version of Sculpt OS, I just added an interactive
>> keyboard-layout dialog [1], which will make it easy to switch between
>> the keyboard layouts shipped with the Sculpt image.
>> [1]
>> > Norman,  As the first thing, I've started to port a working Italian
>> > layout keyboard, the current version is in the email attachment (file:
>> > it_IT.chargen), only problem, certain letters are unavailable (like è,
>> > ò, à, ù, § and £), could you try to fix it? the big works for upper
>> > keys is already done and tested, (everything works well).
>> As a test, i added support for the Italian layout using the chargen file
>> that you generated. The corresponding commit is [2].
>> [2]
>> The unavailable letters are a (deliberate) limitation of the font used
>> in the Sculpt image. It also applies for certain German glyphs like Ö,
>> Ü, or ß.
>> When using a more complete font, e.g., when using the Falkon web browser
>> or Qt5 textedit, those letters work just fine.
>> However, while playing around with the Italian layout using Falkon, I
>> found the chargen file to be inconsistent with images of Italian
>> keyboards I found on the web [3]. I also was not able to type a '}'
>> character and several others I found depicted on those images.
>> [3]
>> Unfortunately, I lack the time to thoroughly validate the correct
>> working of all the keys myself. How should we go about it? I think that
>> shipping inconsistent support for the layout is likely worse than not
>> supporting it. So I feel that we should defer the addition to the
>> release after. What do you think?
>> Cheers
>> Norman
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