Italian keyboard layout (was: General Improvements for Sculpt)

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Mon Mar 22 08:48:15 CET 2021

Hello Edoardo,

On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 19:06:59 CET, Edoardo Mantovani wrote:
> I am working for improve the quality of the keyboard, for now I was able to
> add the "[", "," and the "]" to their right keys.
> Only one problem, I do NOT know the "false"/"true" sequence needed for
> SHIFT-ALTGR, I need it for implementing the "{" / "}"
> if anyone knows that, please let me know,
> I have tested some of the four combinations, but none works for now.
> Otherwise, I send the fixed chargen, day by day it will become even better.
> ( I am referring to the: <map mod1="false" mod2="true" mod3="true"
> mod4="true"> structure ).

The standard event_filter config states

    <key name="KEY_LEFTSHIFT"/> <key name="KEY_RIGHTSHIFT"/>
    <key name="KEY_LEFTCTRL"/> <key name="KEY_RIGHTCTRL"/>
    <key name="KEY_RIGHTALT"/> <!-- AltGr -->
    <rom name="capslock"/>

So if you didn't change this, the combination you look for is

  <!-- SHIFT-ALTGR -->
  <map mod1="true" mod2="false" mod3="true" mod4="false">

Please note, that CTRL is set to false and, thus, must not be pressed
for the mapping to work. If you use the xkb2ifcfg tool [1] it generates
mapping entries for all supported combinations.


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