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Hello Norman,

Sorry if this month I was inactive, but school and personal engagements
were particularly heavy, specially in those days..
Now, I agree with your layout changer menu, nice idea, an Ubuntu style
would fit with the os theme, and yeah, if we must give Italian layout, it
MUST be great.
For the translation I am having some problems of time in those days, I am
still thinking on the brace question, I send you the fixed chargen where
the problem is partially solved, I was able to find the key for the
KEY_LFTBRACE ("{") which is correct in my Italian keyboard, but the
KEY_RIGHTBRACET still didn't works.. when I'll have time I'll try to
complete it as much as I can.

I have some hints to give for your Genode toolchain: I've seen that the
manual compilation is quite long, but there isn't any automatic script
which install automatically every pre-requisite, the ways would be to
create an sh file where:

1) you enable the "universe" repository ( sudo add-apt-repository universe )
2) you gather info of the host system ( clang version and arch version ->
respectively `gcc -v` and `uname -m` )
3) you automatically install all the packages (libncurses, autoconfig
ecc..) and through and int() approximation of your GCC version, you install
gnat (for the current GCC version)
NOTE: remember to add `git` as pre-requisite, usually fresh Ubuntus os
didn't have it!
4) you launch the command:  `tool_chain  <arch>` where arch has been parsed
and retrieved from `uname -m`

I know that this is quite simple to do even for a beginner, but I learnt
that more you automate the installation procedure for your software, more
you'll have success selling it.

Another few ideas for the future:

* Open some bug bounty hunts for your Sculpt os, this will bring new people
to study it for finding security breach (you can choose the prize for the
vulnerability discovered).

* I know that I am so repetitive, but try to create a scripting language
which works only in your OS, Limbo for Inferno OS can be a great
suggestion, if you do this, you may attire interested peoples for that.

Another bad news: today I've tried to install the Genode toolchain on my 64
bit pc, the pre-compiled packages didn't works and, even if the manual
installation works, when I execute goa run, the same error of the last time
happen, even if I am in a different computer.

I would like to program an User-Space bluetooth client, I was studying some
examples from the internet and I think that is extremely affordable to do,
I'll experiment anything in those days.

Edoardo Mantovani, 2021

Il giorno sab 20 mar 2021 alle ore 16:41 Norman Feske <
norman.feske at> ha scritto:

> Hello Edoardo,
> for the upcoming version of Sculpt OS, I just added an interactive
> keyboard-layout dialog [1], which will make it easy to switch between
> the keyboard layouts shipped with the Sculpt image.
> [1]
> > Norman,  As the first thing, I've started to port a working Italian
> > layout keyboard, the current version is in the email attachment (file:
> > it_IT.chargen), only problem, certain letters are unavailable (like è,
> > ò, à, ù, § and £), could you try to fix it? the big works for upper
> > keys is already done and tested, (everything works well).
> As a test, i added support for the Italian layout using the chargen file
> that you generated. The corresponding commit is [2].
> [2]
> The unavailable letters are a (deliberate) limitation of the font used
> in the Sculpt image. It also applies for certain German glyphs like Ö,
> Ü, or ß.
> When using a more complete font, e.g., when using the Falkon web browser
> or Qt5 textedit, those letters work just fine.
> However, while playing around with the Italian layout using Falkon, I
> found the chargen file to be inconsistent with images of Italian
> keyboards I found on the web [3]. I also was not able to type a '}'
> character and several others I found depicted on those images.
> [3]
> Unfortunately, I lack the time to thoroughly validate the correct
> working of all the keys myself. How should we go about it? I think that
> shipping inconsistent support for the layout is likely worse than not
> supporting it. So I feel that we should defer the addition to the
> release after. What do you think?
> Cheers
> Norman
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