Italian keyboard layout (was: General Improvements for Sculpt)

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Sat Mar 20 16:41:19 CET 2021

Hello Edoardo,

for the upcoming version of Sculpt OS, I just added an interactive
keyboard-layout dialog [1], which will make it easy to switch between
the keyboard layouts shipped with the Sculpt image.


> Norman,  As the first thing, I've started to port a working Italian
> layout keyboard, the current version is in the email attachment (file:
> it_IT.chargen), only problem, certain letters are unavailable (like è,
> ò, à, ù, § and £), could you try to fix it? the big works for upper
> keys is already done and tested, (everything works well).

As a test, i added support for the Italian layout using the chargen file
that you generated. The corresponding commit is [2].


The unavailable letters are a (deliberate) limitation of the font used
in the Sculpt image. It also applies for certain German glyphs like Ö,
Ü, or ß.

When using a more complete font, e.g., when using the Falkon web browser
or Qt5 textedit, those letters work just fine.

However, while playing around with the Italian layout using Falkon, I
found the chargen file to be inconsistent with images of Italian
keyboards I found on the web [3]. I also was not able to type a '}'
character and several others I found depicted on those images.


Unfortunately, I lack the time to thoroughly validate the correct
working of all the keys myself. How should we go about it? I think that
shipping inconsistent support for the layout is likely worse than not
supporting it. So I feel that we should defer the addition to the
release after. What do you think?


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