Roadmap 2021

Piotr Tworek tworaz at
Tue Jan 19 08:14:10 CET 2021

On Mon, 2021-01-18 at 16:11 +0100, Sebastian Sumpf wrote:
> Hi Piotr,
> On 1/16/21 10:03 AM, Piotr Tworek wrote:
> > The part of the roadmap that interests me the most is the GPU
> > support
> > part. This is something I'm really interested in and I do already
> > have
> > working mesa 20.1 port for Genode along with both kernel and
> > userspace
> > driver parts targetting qemu virtual GPU (virgl). The kernel part
> > was
> > borrowed from Linux 5.8 and ported using "forked" dde_linux code.
> > 
> > The main problem is my port is not compatible with existing Genode
> > windowing system. My initial goal was to support Linux DRM/KMS APIs
> > in
> > Genode. While working on this I decided to omit the KMS part of the
> > duo, but DRM parts are complete enough to run mesa EGL/DRM backend
> > without major modifications. My end goal is to get Qt EGLFS backend
> > working and have GLESv2 accelarated QML GUI running on top of it.
> > The
> > only missing part right now is the EGLFS backend port. I'm not
> > there
> > yet only because I got distracted by my clang port :P.
> > 
> > Even though my plans are probably not fully aligned with Genode
> > Labs, I
> > think the mesa port I have might save you some porting time.
> Sounds interesting, we will have to update Mesa anyway this year. Is
> there a branch I can take a look at?

Right now all the code sits in a separate private repository. It
contains some stuff which I'm not ready to share yet. I can extract the
relevant parts into a new repo and push it to github. I'll just need
some time to do it. I'll let you know once its done.

>  Our goal this year is to resurrect
> our Mesa/GPU multiplexer line of work in order to have native GPU
> acceleration back on Genode. I personally have not looked into EGLFS
> but
> it might be worth a try.

EGLFS is basically a QPA plugin that allows you to run Qt on top of EGL
without an actual windowing system. Useful stuff if you work in
embedded world.

> Regards,
> Sebastian

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