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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Wed Jan 13 10:35:42 CET 2021

Hi Ivan,

thank you so much for joining the road-map discussion, and in particular
for your enthusiasm about the Genode-on-Pinephone topic!

> I was fascinated to read about Norman's goal to have a Genode-based
> phone, especially Pinephone. Because last year I spent to launch
> Genode on Pinephone.  My 2020 goal was to have a simple working
> prototype that could send and receive SMS at least. I have ported some
> drivers: USB host, USB Modem, GPIO. Even though those drivers are not
> clean enough, I published my working branch on Github:
> To achieve my
> goal, I still need to implement Framebuffer, I2C, and Touch Screen
> drivers. Now I am trying to port Linux framebuffer driver using
> dde_linux, but I have not succeeded in this yet.

This is just fantastic! I'm pretty sure that your existing work will
accelerate the project a lot. In particular, while following my plan to
jump through the hoops of the driver-porting process myself in order to
document the process for future developers, having working drivers as
reference is extremely valuable.

I also see the Pinephone project as motivation to revisit the DDE-Linux
approach. E.g., currently I'm pondering about possible ways of
leveraging Goa to streamline the work flows. If this works out well (I
don't know yet), it might be worth bringing all drivers for this
particular SoC into this new driver-porting framework, as a reference.

> So in 2021, I am going to continue work on Pinephone support in my
> spare time. I hope the official Genode support of this hardware gives
> me more motivation to continue this work. I want to implement the
> Framebuffer first. Then I will add I2C and TouchScreen drivers, and it
> should be easy. Also, I need to clean up my existing code and rebase
> it to the current Genode master.

That is music in my ears. :-)

Best regards

Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
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