Roadmap 2021

Ivan Loskutov loskutov.ivan at
Mon Jan 11 21:26:44 CET 2021

Hi Genodians,

I want to share my goals for 2021 too.

I was fascinated to read about Norman's goal to have a Genode-based
phone, especially Pinephone. Because last year I spent to launch
Genode on Pinephone.  My 2020 goal was to have a simple working
prototype that could send and receive SMS at least. I have ported some
drivers: USB host, USB Modem, GPIO. Even though those drivers are not
clean enough, I published my working branch on Github: To achieve my
goal, I still need to implement Framebuffer, I2C, and Touch Screen
drivers. Now I am trying to port Linux framebuffer driver using
dde_linux, but I have not succeeded in this yet.

So in 2021, I am going to continue work on Pinephone support in my
spare time. I hope the official Genode support of this hardware gives
me more motivation to continue this work. I want to implement the
Framebuffer first. Then I will add I2C and TouchScreen drivers, and it
should be easy. Also, I need to clean up my existing code and rebase
it to the current Genode master.

I hope at least something from my work could help Norman's effort and
all Genodians community.

Best Regards
Ivan Loskutov

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