Roadmap 2021

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at
Mon Jan 4 15:40:51 CET 2021

Hello fellow Genodians,

TL;DR the better part of the last year I worked on the CBE, while doing
some driver refactoring (NVMe and PCI Audio) in between. Some things I
originally planned to work on, namely USB Audio support and a lwext4
VFS-plugin, got somewhat side-lined. But I could dig up my old OSSv3 PoC
and eventually was able to use cmus on Sculpt, which is nice.

So, on one hand this year I plan to tackle the things left over from last
year. On the other hand, I would like to join the “iMX8 effort” by working
on GPU/VPU support.

Regards Josef

Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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