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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Mon Jan 4 15:46:11 CET 2021

Hi Stefan,

thank you for sharing your perspective, which happens to be perfectly
aligned with my original posting.

> I agree with your perception that we did not achieved to reach a new,
> wide audience for Genode topics. Anyway, I see signs for a slowly, but
> consistently growing ecosystem around Genode in the shape of new, and
> remained users, and companies docking to our development steadily.
> And I think the steps done, regarding ARM64 development in this year
> in general, and around the i.MX8MQ SoC in particular, leverage
> Genode's potential for an increasing community.

The participation and enthusiasm shown in this roadmap thread nicely
underlines what you just said. :-) So I'm all fine with further
nurturing our small and pleasant community.

> Technically, the biggest issue to me is still the driver ecosystem.
> Hereby, we already discussed (offline) alternative approaches for
> cheaper Linux device driver ports, which I would like to follow.
> The further marriage of the x86 and ARM driver ecosystem is another
> heartfelt wish of me. Hereby, the coalescense of the platform driver
> API of both architectures is essential, which I would like to
> implement.
> Beside the extension of the ARM VMM to use it for my productive daily
> development VM on the MNT Reform, I really would like to use mutt mail
> setup on Genode finally.

The Linux driver topic makes a recurring appearance. I'm happy about
this resonance. The more developers getting involved in the topic, the

The platform-driver topic is not glamourous but very important. Thank
you for your willingness to continue this line of work.

> Well, using the MNT Reform 2 with one hand, while holding the
> Pinephone in the other hand - both systems running Genode in a
> technically mature form to handle my daily routine. That would be more
> than I can dream of technically-wise.

What a nice picture you're putting in my head!


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