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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Mon Jan 4 14:38:32 CET 2021

Hi Martin,

it is fascinating to see all those areas of your work in review. I'm
very grateful that you took the block-encryption topic under your wings.
Now I am as eager as you to see it become a natural part of Sculpt,
similar to how we enjoy the NIC router today.

> My plans so far for 2021
> ========================
> * Finish making NIC drivers restartable in Sculpt
> * Establish new API for network sessions (NIC, Uplink) inspired by the
> modern Block-Request APIs in order to simplify the use of network
> sessions and eliminate corner cases
> * Graphical front end and simpler integration in general for the
> Consistent Block Encrypter in Sculpt
> * Write a comprehensive CBE documentation
> * Revive the Spunky project and bring it into Genode mainline
> * Enhance Ada/SPARK runtime support and use Ada/SPARK for further
> fundamental code

I find all those points worthwhile to pursue. Regarding the Ada/SPARK
direction, I sense that we'll need to ways to infect more Genodians with
it. Personally, after a brief stint, I haven't managed to keep up with
it unfortunately.

Independently from the roadmap discussion, I would appreciate the
brainstorming of areas where Ada/SPARK would be naturally applicable in
Genode. E.g., with CBE we use Ada/SPARK as a core of a VFS plugin. Maybe
this could be generalized such that this language becomes a go-to choice
for implementing other parts of the storage stack (file system, cache)?


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