problem with permanent modification on Sculpt

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Fri Feb 19 21:05:23 CET 2021

On 2/19/21 1:08 PM, Edoardo Mantovani wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Some hours ago I've installed Sculpt OS on my HDD through DD tool
> using ubuntu flashed from bootable USB.
> Now, the system flashes without any errors and everything seems cool,
> but there is only one problem: I am not able to apport any permanent
> modification to the OS, everything seems to live in RAM, I have also
> followed the section
> "Making customizations permanent" here[1], but also without clicking
> into the ram fs filesystem bottoms the /config/  folder resets itself
> after the reboot.
> Any Hints? Obviously, I would like to have a desktop OS that isn't volatile.
> (Sorry for the possibly dumb question but I've never had such types of problems)
> NOTE: Sculpt perfectly supports the hardware of my computer.
> [1]
> Regards.
> Edoardo Mantovani, 2021
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FWIW, i think this happened to me too. I thought maybe i made a mistake,
but i didn't know what/how. That's why i stopped testing when i did.

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