problem with permanent modification on Sculpt

Edoardo Mantovani mantovani.edoardo18 at
Fri Feb 19 20:08:08 CET 2021

Hello Everyone,

Some hours ago I've installed Sculpt OS on my HDD through DD tool
using ubuntu flashed from bootable USB.

Now, the system flashes without any errors and everything seems cool,
but there is only one problem: I am not able to apport any permanent
modification to the OS, everything seems to live in RAM, I have also
followed the section
"Making customizations permanent" here[1], but also without clicking
into the ram fs filesystem bottoms the /config/  folder resets itself
after the reboot.

Any Hints? Obviously, I would like to have a desktop OS that isn't volatile.

(Sorry for the possibly dumb question but I've never had such types of problems)

NOTE: Sculpt perfectly supports the hardware of my computer.


Edoardo Mantovani, 2021

Edoardo Mantovani
Independent security researcher
email: Baseband at
Urbino, Italy

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