problem with permanent modification on Sculpt

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Feb 19 21:47:18 CET 2021

Hi Edoardo,

> "Making customizations permanent" here[1], but also without clicking
> into the ram fs filesystem bottoms the /config/  folder resets itself
> after the reboot.
> Any Hints? Obviously, I would like to have a desktop OS that isn't volatile.
> (Sorry for the possibly dumb question but I've never had such types of problems)

just a wild guess: Do you happen to have activated the "Use" button at
the RAM fs node? If yes, Sculpt will use the RAM file system for the
depot and nothing will be permanent. Only one "Use" button can be active
at a time. As long as you use the RAM fs for your depot, no other "Use"
button will be presented. You have to click on the "Use" button again to
un-use the file system.

You have to click on the "Storage" node instead. Your hard disk should
show up. Select the 3rd partition and click on the "Use" button there.
But before doing that, I'd recommend clicking on the "Expand" button to
let the partition expand to the full capacity of your hard disk.

> [1]

This document is outdated. Better take the current version as reference.


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