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Wed Feb 17 16:39:14 CET 2021

Hi Colin,

On 17.02.21 15:19, Colin Parker wrote:
> Related to my original inquiry, I read that the log function
> "relies on a fair bit of framework infrastructure such as
> synchronization primitives," and I became curious if calling "log" as a
> debugging message from within an IO signal handler is possibly the
> source of my problem?

No. It's safe to use the 'log' function from an I/O signal handler.

> I am still doubtful that it is the true cause - I
> think that it's more likely that the shorter signal handler with no
> logging simply doesn't have time to trigger the bad behavior very often
> - but I became concerned that if indeed "log" is a problem if called
> during a signal handler, then my entire debugging strategy needs to be
> revisited.

I agree. The use of 'log' skews the performance quite a bit. You may
consider the 'trace' mechanism instead, which greatly reduces the side
effects by logging the output to a thread-local trace buffer. In
particular, you may inspect the use of the trace_logger component. You
can find an example scenario at os/recipes/pkg/test-trace_logger/.


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