Help with nested signal context warnings

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Wed Feb 17 15:19:55 CET 2021

   Thanks for this, and also thanks to Cedric for the "unofficial" guide.
Related to my original inquiry, I read that the log function "relies on a
fair bit of framework infrastructure such as synchronization primitives,"
and I became curious if calling "log" as a debugging message from within an
IO signal handler is possibly the source of my problem? This is supported
by my having given up on the warning message and disabled the debug
messages, only to see the warning message disappear. I am still doubtful
that it is the true cause - I think that it's more likely that the shorter
signal handler with no logging simply doesn't have time to trigger the bad
behavior very often - but I became concerned that if indeed "log" is a
problem if called during a signal handler, then my entire debugging
strategy needs to be revisited. So it is worth asking someone who
understands the signaling and IPC better than I do if log is OK during an
IO signal handler (i.e. that log will not allow any other signal handlers
to run)?


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> Hi Cedric,
> On 06.02.21 09:48, ttcoder at wrote:
> > ... and in case it's useful I'll add this:
> >
> >
> that's a really nice collection.
> I have now taken my current line of work on the Pine64 as opportunity to
> present the most important practical hints in a new article:
> Cheers
> Norman
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