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Dima Sokolov disoktech at
Sat Feb 6 16:36:50 CET 2021


What would be the proper config for custom clipboard domains?

Let's say I want to add a new domain called "risky" and to assign falkon to it:
<domain name="risky" layer="5" content="client" label="no" hover="always" focus="click" />
<policy label="falkon" domain="risky"/>

And let's say I want to test my new domain by allowing the user to copy config snippets from Falkon to leitzentrale, but not the other way around:
<flow from="risky" to="leitzentrale" />

I also don't want to allow any copying nor pasting between the "desktop" domain and my new "risky" domain. But I'm still able to copy text from the file browser to Falkon. And from qt5-textedit to Falkon. So, something is amiss in my config.

"Files" and "Inspect" belong to the "leitzentrale" domain, right? And apps like system shell and qt5-textedit belong to the "desktop" domain?
Have I added the necessary config lines to the right config files? This is on Sculpt 20.08.

What about different configurations of the same app, are they identified by their launcher name (label)? For example:
<policy label="falkon-banking" domain="banking"/>

"falkon-banking" would be a Falkon instance with access to private data, in contrast to the regular Falkon instance.

Best regards,
Dima Sokolov

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