Cmus issue

Dima Sokolov disoktech at
Sat Feb 6 15:40:05 CET 2021

Hello Josef,

Yes, I used your packages from the experimental section for Sculpt 20.08.

If I noticed correctly, new package version installs replace the old version without the need to manually uninstall it?
After adding the packages once again using the "+" menu, I found only these (new) versions listed @ /depot/cnuke/pkg:
bsd audio drv 2020-09-24-b
cmus 2020-09-11-a

BSD audio driver LOG output:
[runtime] child "bsd_audio_drv"
[runtime]   RAM quota:  16136K
[runtime]   cap quota:  222
[runtime]   ELF binary: pci_audio_drv
[runtime]   priority:   0
[runtime]   provides service Audio_out
[runtime]   provides service Audio_in

Mixer LOG output:
[runtime] child "mixer"
[runtime]   RAM quota:  61192K
[runtime]   cap quota:  66
[runtime]   ELF binary: mixer
[runtime]   priority:   0
[runtime]   provides service Audio_out

Upon adding the cmus component, the cmus window is still stuck waiting.
[runtime]   priority:   0 is still the last shown line in the LOG output.

If I start cmus and then remove the bsd audio drv component, the cmus terminal window finally shows the cmus interface. Naturally, the LOG output shows these messages since the audio driver is missing:
[runtime -> cmus -> cmus] Audio_out-session creation failed
[runtime] Warning: cmus: Lookup for service "Audio_out" failed

And inside cmus:
Error opening audio device: cannot initialize required output plugin

If I add the bsd audio drv once again and restart cmus, it gets stuck waiting again, and the window is black.

Should I compile Sculpt 20.11 from git and work with that version instead (if cmus is known to work there)?

Best regards,
Dima Sokolov

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