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Mon Feb 8 11:32:23 CET 2021

Hello Dima,

> Yes, I used your packages from the experimental section for Sculpt 20.08.
> If I noticed correctly, new package version installs replace the old
> version without the need to manually uninstall it?
> After adding the packages once again using the "+" menu, I found only
> these (new) versions listed @ /depot/cnuke/pkg:
> bsd audio drv 2020-09-24-b
> cmus 2020-09-11-a

You have to re-fetch the index first (by enabling/disabling the entry in
the Selection pop-up menu). The new driver version is marked with “(fix)”.

For adjusting volume levels let me point you to Alex' [1] Genodians
post. For now it is a bit “fiddly”.


> […]
> Should I compile Sculpt 20.11 from git and work with that version
> instead (if cmus is known to work there)?

You could do that but you need the following commit [2] from my
genode-world repository and you would have to build all archives
yourself. On that account it might be more reasonable to wait for the
next Sculpt release.



Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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