Launchers and clipboard issue

Dima Sokolov disoktech at
Mon Feb 1 11:15:49 CET 2021

Hello Norman,

Here is my qt5-textedit launcher:

<launcher pkg="genodelabs/pkg/qt5_textedit/2020-09-18">
    <service name="File_system"> <child name="ram_fs"/> </service>
    <service name="Gui"> <child name="themed_wm"/> </service>
    <service name="Report" label="shape"> <child name="themed_wm"/> </service>
    <service name="Report" label="clipboard"> <child name="themed_wm"/> </service>
    <service name="ROM" label_last="clipboard"> <parent/> </service>
  <config clipboard="yes">
      <dir name="dev">
        <inline name="rtc">2018-01-01 00:01</inline>
      <dir name="pipe"> <pipe/> </dir>
      <dir name="edit"> <fs label="rw"/> </dir>
      <tar name="qt5_dejavusans.tar"/>
      <tar name="qt5_libqgenode.tar"/>
    <libc stdout="/dev/log" stderr="/dev/log" pipe="/pipe" rtc="/dev/rtc"/>

Best regards,
Dima Sokolov

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