Launchers and clipboard issue

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Mon Feb 1 11:35:29 CET 2021

Hi Dima,

On 01.02.21 11:15, Dima Sokolov wrote:
> <launcher pkg="genodelabs/pkg/qt5_textedit/2020-09-18">
>   <route>
>     <service name="File_system"> <child name="ram_fs"/> </service>
>     <service name="Gui"> <child name="themed_wm"/> </service>
>     <service name="Report" label="shape"> <child name="themed_wm"/> </service>
>     <service name="Report" label="clipboard"> <child name="themed_wm"/> </service>
>     <service name="ROM" label_last="clipboard"> <parent/> </service>

Note the inconsistency. The "clipboard" report (used for copy) is routed
to the window manager whereas the "clipboard" ROM (used for paste) is
routed to the parent directly. The last line should be:

   <service name="ROM" label="clipboard">
     <child name="themed_wm"/>


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