Launchers and clipboard issue

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Mon Feb 1 10:04:00 CET 2021

Hello Dima,

> My clipboard config is based on the default one - I just changed the verbose setting to "yes".
> The log shows these messages the first time I try to paste:
> "This plugin does not support raise()"
> "This plugin does not support grabbing the keyboard"

This message is merely diagnostic, presumably from the Qt platform
abstraction. I think it is not related to the clipboard.

> Every next time, I get this message:
> "Error: invalid clipboard XML syntax"
> If I set match_labels to "no", I don't get these messages and pasting works.
> What would be the proper clipboard config when match_labels is set to "yes"?

Can you please share your complete launcher, including the routing

I vaguely guess that you route the "clipboard" report to the global
clipboard, not to the wm. As the application is a client of the wm, the
label as observed by the nitpicker GUI server contains the "wm ->" as
element. The clipboard's label matching can only work if the label of
the "clipboard" report also contains the "wm ->" element. This can be
achieved by routing the report session to the wm [1].



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