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Norman Feske norman.feske at genode-labs.com
Wed May 13 17:46:49 CEST 2020

Hi Paul,

> So the idea, is that under each application you got:
> -the pin button, that when activated, the application don't change when
> doing right and left button
> So if one of the side is pinned, right and left buttons affect only the
> other side.
> If none is pinned, pressing left (right goes to left, and right is
> filled with next open application).
> If none is pinned, pressing right (left goes to right, and left is
> filled with previous open application).
> (my guess is that if the right and the left applications are pinned, the
> left and right buttons are deactivated)
> - the 1 button, that return to the single application screen, with the
> current application
> And then, I realized we need the some more info...
> So I would add a upper-bar with:
> -a menu button for the applications to launch
> -clock
> -Quit button
> -mixer button
> -network button
> - etc.
> Does it seems a good idea?

I like the idea of moving the view of the user towards left/right.

Do you intend to use the pinning feature also as a way to reorder the
applications? E.g., to swap the order of App1 (shown on the left side)
and App2 (shown on the right side), one could pin App1, press left (App2
is no longer visible because it is now of the left of the pinned App1),
unpin App1, press right. So now App1 would be shown to the right of App2.

The simplicity of this model is very nice. Would love to play around
with it! ;-)


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