Wifi drivers in Sculpt OS

Colin Parker cvparker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 13:35:31 CET 2020

Thanks for your response.

> Since the current driver is somewhat entangled the first step would be
> the refactoring of the current implementation, i.e., separating its
> various parts a bit into
>   - component frontend (basically the Nic session provding part)
>   - wireless stack (mac80211, cfg80211, …)
>   - iwlwifi driver
> and hide the PCIe transport portion into the iwlwifi part for now
> (although I'm not sure if that's easily achievable). The goal would be
> to make the wireless stack transport agnostic so that a USB backend can
> be easily added and the frontend, which includes WPA handling, may be
> shared by both kinds of devices. The next step is then porting a USB
> device driver and making the necessary adjustments.
> Yeah, it is a bit of work :-

That does sound like a challenge. I'm not sure it's very possible for me
either because I don't have an actual Intel wifi card to check against, so
refactoring the current driver would be a non-debuggable step...

Another thought that came to me is whether Sculpt VMs can do USB
passthrough, and then I could run a Linux VM which will have the drivers.
Is that possible? Could the network connection make it's way out of the VM?

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