New french Wikipedia article about Genode

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Fri Mar 29 11:08:59 CET 2019

Hi Valery,

It's really cool to read that you want to work at the russian Wikipedia

Please let me add some personal thoughts about this:

I would refrain from writing a new article or substantially changing the
old one without first getting in touch with the original authors and
having a corporate plan. Writing a new article single-handedly would
either render the old one outdated, eventually causing its deletion, or
mabe even the new article ends up in not being accepted by the Wikipedia
folks because of the redundancy. During the period in time were both
articles would be online, interested readers may get confused about
which source to rely on and, IMO, it would also be a statement of
inpoliteness against the original authors. After all, the russian
article was the first one about Genode on Wikipedia.

Is there an urge to create a complete new russion article? This question
is ment serious because I cannot read cyrillic at all and therefore have
no idea what the russian article currently says ^^ Please don't get me
wrong here - I think it's great if the russian article gets enriched
with information like the "critiques" chapter of the english version but
I don't think that the english and the russian article must necessarily
become the same (with the same name).

Maybe I'm wrong with these thoughts. What do you think?


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