Issue with running 19.05 on RPi3 hardware

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Thu Jun 27 23:12:17 CEST 2019

Daniel Gunzinger <daniel.gunzinger at> writes:

> Good afternoon everyone!
> I am currently trying to run Genode in 64bit mode on a Raspberry Pi 3
> Model B (V1.2),
> therefore using the newest available Release (19.05) with the
> accompanying tool-chain,
> compiling it on a Ubuntu 18.04.2 machine.
> The compilation process configured for the "rpi3" board with the "foc"
> kernel completes
> without any issues and the resulting elf binaries can also be executed
> in QEMU (4.0.0),
> completing the hello_tutorial with full output and no issues.
> However when I try to use the same binary with the mentioned hardware
> [0] the output
> of the UART repeatably stops before the "Hello from Startup::stage2"
> message, which
> to me indicates that it can not successfully begin to execute the
> Kernel as in QEMU.
> Is this to be expected, related to the UART drivers, or am I missing
> something in the
> compilation/preparation process?
> If there is any additional information needed please tell me.

It's great you are interested in trying Genode on RPI. However, you
should know that supporting model 3 (and any other then RPI1) and
supporting 64bit ARM are both currently a work in progress.

I don't know exact state that is in 19.05 regarding running on FOC but
there is a commit in master afterh 19.05 release that updates FOC to
newer versoin [1]. Maybe if you try with latest master you'll get better

In current staging there is initial support for base-hw running in 64
bits mode but as far as I know only single core is currently
started. This work is done by Stefan Kalkowski and maybe he will somehow
correct my statement.

Device drivers for other peripherals probably haven't been tested on
Rpi3 in 64bits mode yet. Currently I'm trying to prepare my work for
rpi3 32bit mode [2] so it can be merged to Genode. Some changes there
are invasive and break other targets so some work is needed. State of
this branch is quite well described in [3] if you're interested.


Tomasz Gajewski

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