Issue with running 19.05 on RPi3 hardware

Alexander Weidinger alexander.weidinger at
Fri Jun 28 13:02:48 CEST 2019

Hello everyone,

I tried to reproduce the results and interestingly enough,
when using a *uImage* the RPi3 boots completely (using the 'bootm'
command in U-Boot).
The described behavior is only observable,
when trying to boot via an *ELF-image*.

The uImage can be created automatically by Genode when extending the
'build.conf' file in the build-directory with the following line:
> RUN_OPT += --include image/uboot

Does anyone have an idea for a possible explanation for this kind of

Best regards,

On 27.06.19 23:12, Tomasz Gajewski wrote:
> Daniel Gunzinger <daniel.gunzinger at> writes:
>> Good afternoon everyone!
>> I am currently trying to run Genode in 64bit mode on a Raspberry Pi 3
>> Model B (V1.2),
>> therefore using the newest available Release (19.05) with the
>> accompanying tool-chain,
>> compiling it on a Ubuntu 18.04.2 machine.
>> The compilation process configured for the "rpi3" board with the "foc"
>> kernel completes
>> without any issues and the resulting elf binaries can also be executed
>> in QEMU (4.0.0),
>> completing the hello_tutorial with full output and no issues.
>> However when I try to use the same binary with the mentioned hardware
>> [0] the output
>> of the UART repeatably stops before the "Hello from Startup::stage2"
>> message, which
>> to me indicates that it can not successfully begin to execute the
>> Kernel as in QEMU.
>> Is this to be expected, related to the UART drivers, or am I missing
>> something in the
>> compilation/preparation process?
>> If there is any additional information needed please tell me.
> It's great you are interested in trying Genode on RPI. However, you
> should know that supporting model 3 (and any other then RPI1) and
> supporting 64bit ARM are both currently a work in progress.
> I don't know exact state that is in 19.05 regarding running on FOC but
> there is a commit in master afterh 19.05 release that updates FOC to
> newer versoin [1]. Maybe if you try with latest master you'll get better
> results.
> In current staging there is initial support for base-hw running in 64
> bits mode but as far as I know only single core is currently
> started. This work is done by Stefan Kalkowski and maybe he will somehow
> correct my statement.
> Device drivers for other peripherals probably haven't been tested on
> Rpi3 in 64bits mode yet. Currently I'm trying to prepare my work for
> rpi3 32bit mode [2] so it can be merged to Genode. Some changes there
> are invasive and break other targets so some work is needed. State of
> this branch is quite well described in [3] if you're interested.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> Regards
> Tomasz Gajewski
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