Issue with running 19.05 on RPi3 hardware

Matthias Lange matthias.lange at
Thu Jun 27 22:16:23 CEST 2019

Hi Daniel,

which architecture is your u-boot for? If it is a 64bit u-boot you will need a
Fiasco.OC kernel built for 64bit. If 32bit you will need a 32bit Fiasco.OC


On [27-06-2019 15:51], Daniel Gunzinger wrote:
> Good afternoon everyone!
> I am currently trying to run Genode in 64bit mode on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model
> B (V1.2),
> therefore using the newest available Release (19.05) with the accompanying
> tool-chain,
> compiling it on a Ubuntu 18.04.2 machine.
> The compilation process configured for the "rpi3" board with the "foc"
> kernel completes
> without any issues and the resulting elf binaries can also be executed in
> QEMU (4.0.0),
> completing the hello_tutorial with full output and no issues.
> However when I try to use the same binary with the mentioned hardware [0]
> the output
> of the UART repeatably stops before the "Hello from Startup::stage2"
> message, which
> to me indicates that it can not successfully begin to execute the Kernel as
> in QEMU.
> Is this to be expected, related to the UART drivers, or am I missing
> something in the
> compilation/preparation process?
> If there is any additional information needed please tell me.
> [0]: using u-boot version 2019.07-rc4 for the rpi3, with "enable_uart=1",
> "arm_64bit=1"
> and the u-boot-nodtb.bin as a kernel in the config.txt;
> loading the image with "fatload mmc 0:1 ${scriptaddr} image.elf" and then
> executing it
> with "bootelf ${scriptaddr}"
> Thank you in advance,
> with best regards,
> Daniel Gunzinger.
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