import_from_depot size limitation

Duss Pirmin pirmin.duss at
Mon Jul 22 08:09:47 CEST 2019

Heello Stefan

Thanks for the information.

On 19.07.19 10:24, Stefan Kalkowski wrote:
> can you check whether you might get an overlap of your uImage when
> loaded to memory (from sd-card or network) and the final system image
> copied to bootstrap's linking address?
> You might check your final uImage with: 'mkimage -l uImage'
> and the 'loadaddr' your u-boot boot-script finally uses as argument for
> 'bootm'.

'mkimage -l uImage'
Data Size:    27421011 Bytes = 26778.33 KiB = 26.15 MiB
Load Address: 10001000
Entry Point:  10001000

Load address (u-boot):             0x14000000  (320MiB)
=> end of loaded uImage in memory: 0x15a26953  (347MiB)
=> uncompressed modules in memory: 0x10130000  (257MiB)
                                   ... 0x13354000 (308MiB)

If I interpret this numbers correct, then there seems to be no overlap.

Best regards,

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