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Hello Pirmin,

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 03:50:26PM +0200, Duss Pirmin wrote:
> Hello Genodians
> Is there a limit to the size (number of bytes or number of files) that
> can be added via import_from_depot (ARCH: imx6, KERNEL: hw)?
> I had a problem with a run script that sometimes hung (mkfs never
> completing) or sometimes crashed in different components (ip pointing to
> Genode::ipc_reply_wait() in after upgrading  from 19.05 to 19.07.
> To debug the error I created a small version and step by step increased
> its size until it was identical to the one with the error.
> The last difference I found was that the script with the error imported
> more depot archives.
> After reducing the list of imported archives the run script now works well.
> What I think is even stranger, at first I bisected the problem with the
> original run script. This resulted in commit ac0ecdf855f61 triggering
> the problem. But as non of my other run scripts showed this kind of
> error, I suspected that it only uncovered a hidden error in my run script.
> Could it be, that this is related to the size of the resulting image
> (about 50MiB for image.elf and 26MiB for uImage)?

can you check whether you might get an overlap of your uImage when
loaded to memory (from sd-card or network) and the final system image
copied to bootstrap's linking address?

You might check your final uImage with: 'mkimage -l uImage'
and the 'loadaddr' your u-boot boot-script finally uses as argument for


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> Pirmin
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