Can QT-based "textedit" run successfully on Rpi 3 B+ ?

kimberly nNA eft823177 at
Sat Jul 20 16:15:17 CEST 2019

Dear Genode team,
I am Kimberly.

I modified and added "textedit" on
The link below is about the complete content of, textedit.config,
runtime log, and also a result graph.

The genode version is
I tried this commands :
$ ./tool/create_builddir *rpi3bplus*
$ make run/demo KERNEL=hw
This case successfully run on Rpi3 B+
But it had some errors when running textedit.
I used USB to TTL Serial Cable to see the runtime log :
[init -> launchpad] starting textedit with quota 177873K
[init -> launchpad] using unique child name "textedit"
[init -> launchpad] Warning: textedit: service File_system not available
[init -> launchpad -> textedit] Error: File_system-session creation failed
(ram_quota=163840, cap_quota=12, tx_buf_size=131072, label="rw", root="",
[init -> launchpad -> textedit] Error: failed to create <fs> VFS node
[init -> launchpad -> textedit] Error:  label="rw"

because of the errors, I couldn't "save" a new file.
I wrote the config of "ram_fs" in :
 <start name="ram_fs">
         <resource name="RAM" quantum="10M"/>
         <provides><service name="File_system"/></provides>
               <!-- constrain sessions according to their labels -->
               <policy label="textedit -> root" root="/" />

something wrong with the node ?
I am not familiar with writing the 'policy'.

Thanks a lot ! 😊
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