Re: Can QT-based "textedit" run successfully on Rpi 3 B+ ?

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Mon Jul 22 09:37:41 CEST 2019

This might well be off-base as I am still new at this.. But I notice that in LOG the instance of textedit is referred to as "init -> launchpad -> textedit"; whereas in the "policy" config of ram_fs, the access autorization is for exact match, label="textedit -> root", which of course is different.

Could that be related to it? Did you try a less strict match (label prefix, suffix ..etc), or an exact match on the corrected value ?


[init -> launchpad] Warning: textedit: service File_system not available

[init -> launchpad -> textedit] Error: File_system-session creation failed (ram_quota=163840, cap_quota=12, tx_buf_size=131072, label="rw", root="", writeable=1)
[init -> launchpad -> textedit] Error: failed to create <fs> VFS node
[init -> launchpad -> textedit] Error:  label="rw"


 <start name="ram_fs">

         <resource name="RAM" quantum="10M"/>
         <provides><service name="File_system"/></provides>
               <!-- constrain sessions according to their labels -->
               <policy label="textedit -> root" root="/" />

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