usb_drv error -92 for RPi | Genode 18.05 with Fiasco.OC 79

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Sun Apr 14 20:37:17 CEST 2019

Alexander Weidinger <alexander.weidinger at> writes:

>> I did not check networking yet but eliminated -92 errors for keyboard
>> and mouse.
> I integrated your "brutal" fix and did a short test with a RPi 3.
> Networking seems to work and the error seems to be eliminated.

It's a great news.

I'd like to ask you how do you test networking. Sometimes I have
problems with establishing which test programs are supposed to work and
therefore sometimes fight with more than one problem at a time.

I make my attempts on rpi3b+ and it has a different ethernet device so
starting from some known state working on rpi3b (without plus) will

Tomasz Gajewski

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