Wikis, and the need for a "Genode Book"

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Hi Cedric,

> Hopefully that is not a bad omen for the announcement I'm about to make :-).. Maybe the old contents was just moved to another format, 
> or there was a lack of external contributions, which did not warrant keeping its contents editable by third parties? Anyhow, here goes:

I like the idea of a developer-oriented documentation maintained in a
Wiki-style! Thanks for your initiative.

As you rightfully mentioned on the site, the "Genode Foundations" book
is not really suitable for that. I wrote it as a reference, not as a
didactic guide. The content is actually manually written, with
source-code documentation woven in. You can find the text here [1].


I actually don't plan to extend the scope of the "Genode Foundations"
book because it is already fairly comprehensive and - as you mentioned -
a bit overwhelming.

For the future, I'm considering writing a complementary document that
focuses on the building blocks on top of the foundation (VFS, C runtime,
networking, storage, GUI stack, virtualization). However, since some of
these parts are still in flux, I think it is too early to start an
intensive effort as I did for the "Foundations" book, yet.

A community-maintained collection of tutorial-style guides would be
ideal to fill the gap right now. Regarding the substitution of the
placeholders on your site with actual content, it would be good to know
which areas would be most appreciated by users and aspiring developers.


* Can you think of concrete examples that you'd find helpful?

* Which areas of Genode do you find most challenging?

* What are the topics and application domains you'd enjoy reading
  about most?


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