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On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 04:33:23PM -0400, John J. Karcher wrote:
> Hello Genodians,
> The content on has been so interesting and varied that I worry
> we might lose valuable content in the sheer volume as time goes by.  Here
> are a couple of ideas that I thought might help (probably already on the "to
> do" list, but just in case):
> 1. "Sticky" / "Featured" Posts - Things like the announcement for the latest
> release, other important news, etc. should probably be kept at/near the top
> or in a special area.
> 2. Search / Filter Tags - I think it would be helpful to add "tags" to the
> posts to make it easier to find items on a certain subject.  I would
> recommend defining the format and adding the tag data as soon as possible,
> even if the feature isn't implemented for a while - it's always harder to go
> back over a lot of data than to enter it as the records are added.
> Just food for thought...

I can understand the wish for a more structured approach, but I have
an odd feeling about the "sticky/featured" way. The question is: who
decides what post becomes a featured one? I have understood as a platform of community members with equal rights. In
contrast to the "official" site, where already
announcements, releases etc. can be found in the "news" area, and
which is administrated by Genode Labs, is a conglomerate
of free developer content. Of course, Genode Labs as domain holder
keeps the right to add/remove developer repositories, but apart from
that everyone is equal member of the platform, and the last post is
presented first.
Moreover, interests are different regarding the visitors of the
webpage. Newcomers will have different interests than more
experienced users. Therefore, me personally would not like that
"featured" feature.

The search and filter option is clearly a good convenience feature.
As Valery has already mentioned, by now it is statically assembled
content. So a first approach might be to find a way how Gosh can
easily differentiate "tags" without disturbing normal content
production much. Then tags could be filtered out when creating
html out of a post. The script for producing the pages could collect the
"tags" and produce one page per tag under
where all articles are referenced inside. At the end of an article the
tags of that one would reference the related tags pages.

What do you think about that approach? Would it fit your needs? Does
anybody would like to step in here?

Best regards

>  Thanks!
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