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John J. Karcher devuser at
Mon Apr 1 23:03:35 CEST 2019

On 4/1/19 2:58 PM, Valery V. Sedletski via users wrote:
> On 31.03.2019 23:33, John J. Karcher wrote:
>> Hello Genodians,
>> The content on has been so interesting and varied that I 
>> worry we might lose valuable content in the sheer volume as time goes 
>> by.  Here are a couple of ideas that I thought might help (probably 
>> already on the "to do" list, but just in case):
>> 1. "Sticky" / "Featured" Posts - Things like the announcement for the 
>> latest release, other important news, etc. should probably be kept 
>> at/near the top or in a special area.
>> 2. Search / Filter Tags - I think it would be helpful to add "tags" to 
>> the posts to make it easier to find items on a certain subject.  I 
>> would recommend defining the format and adding the tag data as soon as 
>> possible, even if the feature isn't implemented for a while - it's 
>> always harder to go back over a lot of data than to enter it as the 
>> records are added.
>> Just food for thought...
>>  Thanks!
> Yes, I agree that these features are good to have as they would make 
> much more convenient to use. But this will require some 
> scripting to implement these features. Currently, is 
> implemented as a simple web site with static content, only.

Indeed.  The "featured post" feature is the easier of the two, and 
shouldn't be too hard to implement with the current system.

I only brought up the "tags" idea at this time, because it will be a lot 
of (thankless) work to go back and add tags later.  The data format 
could be defined (and data entered) before the feature is actually 

Like I said, just a thought.


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   devuser at

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