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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Tue Apr 2 10:04:56 CEST 2019

Hi Stefan,

> I can understand the wish for a more structured approach, but I have
> an odd feeling about the "sticky/featured" way. The question is: who
> decides what post becomes a featured one? I have understood
> as a platform of community members with equal rights. In
> contrast to the "official" site, where already
> announcements, releases etc. can be found in the "news" area, and
> which is administrated by Genode Labs, is a conglomerate
> of free developer content. Of course, Genode Labs as domain holder
> keeps the right to add/remove developer repositories, but apart from
> that everyone is equal member of the platform, and the last post is
> presented first.
> Moreover, interests are different regarding the visitors of the
> webpage. Newcomers will have different interests than more
> experienced users. Therefore, me personally would not like that
> "featured" feature.

thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree 100%. Sticky posts call for
policy. But by design, the site tries to be as free from policy as possible.

I recognize John's point that he regards some articles as a kind of
mileposts for orientation. In my opinion, however, the best way to keep
important posts in the collective memory is to cross-reference them from
newer posts. This way, readers may click through related articles and
eventually discover the most relevant ones.

> The search and filter option is clearly a good convenience feature.
> As Valery has already mentioned, by now it is statically assembled
> content. So a first approach might be to find a way how Gosh can
> easily differentiate "tags" without disturbing normal content
> production much. Then tags could be filtered out when creating
> html out of a post. The script for producing the pages could collect the
> "tags" and produce one page per tag under
> where all articles are referenced inside. At the end of an article the
> tags of that one would reference the related tags pages.
> What do you think about that approach? Would it fit your needs? Does
> anybody would like to step in here?

The tags can be implemented like you suggest (the last part about the
cross-referencing is a bit tricky though).

Regarding a suitable GOSH markup, the pipe character at the beginning of
the line comes in mind. In GOSH, this is the markup for annotations.

| Annotations are useful in drafts of big documents
| to highlight open questions or parts that are work
| in progress. But in relatively short blog postings,
| they have no use.

Since tags are actually kind of an annotation, we could specify tags as
a space-separate list of words like this (e.g., at the end of the
article, like a footer):

| storage performance cryptography

With this scheme, each tag can only be one word. But I think that's fine.

The list of tags could go into a dedicated box just below the list of
authors at the left side of the page.

That said, I'm not too eager to implement the feature immediately. ;-)


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