First steps with Sculpt on Dell XPS 13

Roman Iten roman.iten at
Thu Oct 11 14:59:50 CEST 2018


On 10/10/18 11:11 AM, Alexander Boettcher wrote:
> I suspect your embedded controller together with ACPI irq handling, but
> it is just guessing.

The freeze occurs on the XPS 13 9350 but not on the newer model 9370.
And now that I know how to avoid the problem, it isn't a very pressing
issue for me anymore. But if you suspect other devices might have a
similar problem, I'm in for helping investigate.

> I presume you don't have serial output available?

No, unfortunately I haven't.

> May you please try some simple (non graphical) run scenario (usb_hid).
> If this also already get stuck when you press your keys, can you please
> setup the nova spinner setup for the nova kernel, see [0]. You will have
> to boot in non-UEFI mode (either USB or if not working try via PXE).

The usb_hid run scenario doesn't get stuck when booting in non-UEFI
mode. I'm using the very convenient vga_log_drv (thanks to Johannes
Kliemann!) the get an impression of the liveliness of the system - for
reference see [1] and [2].

Out of curiosity I also tried to boot Sculpt in non-UEFI mode. The
system doesn't freeze when pressing FN+F11/F12 but the display
brightness decreases/increases instead.

So I guess the next step is to boot in UEFI mode with VGA log output
enabled and setup the nova spinner?



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