usb_drv error -92 for RPi | Genode 18.05 with Fiasco.OC 79

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Mon Nov 12 11:38:38 CET 2018

Hi Alexander,

On Thu, Nov 08, 2018 at 06:18:02PM +0100, Alexander Weidinger wrote:
> Hi Stefan, hi everyone,
> unfortunately I'm still struggling with the USB driver (and therefore
> Network) of the Raspberry Pi 2 (and 3).
> As one can see, for the RPi 3 sometimes! the USB driver works and
> therefore I assume the same should be possible for the RPi 2.
> At least they they do share the same USB/Network-Chip (LAN9514).
> I checked the memory map and adapted the base addresses accordingly,
> the interrupts seem to have not changed between RPi 1 and RPi 2
> (apart from the multicore aspect).
> Even some USB urbs are sent until the error -92 appears.
> I currently have no idea where else to look and therefore I would be
> helpful for any hints I can get, regarding how I should continue to
> solve the problem I have with the USB driver.
> Is the usb_otg/usb_dwc driver just not compatible with the Raspberry Pi
> 2 and I should look at the current driver situation in the Linux Kernel?
> As far as I know usb_otg/usb_dwc was used in the early time for the
> Raspberry Pi 2 until it got replaced by dwc2?
> Anyone has an idea if/what big difference there is between the driver
> versions dwc and dwc2?
> Would it make sense to look at the new driver and port it to Genode?

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I cannot really help you. I have not used
the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with Genode until now. If the dwc driver
subsystem split into dwc and dwc2 in the Linux kernel, and the last
one is typically used by Raspberry Pi 2 + 3 there are high chances
that you succeed when enabling it in Genode's Linux-based USB driver

> I saw that some changes were made regarding the USB support in Genode
> with version 18.08 - does this change anything for the RPi?

Sure, we updated the Linux kernel version used as base, fixed some
minor issues in the surrounding lx_kit/lx_emul library, and split USB
host controller driver from client-side devices, like net and input.
So you can for instance check your changes to the host controller
driver when enabling dwc2 against different USB client devices first,
e.g.  HID mouse or keyboard, before testing the network device.

> Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated!

Good luck & best regards

> Regards,
> Alexander
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