sd_card_drv quota exceeded for Panda

Matthias Adams adams at
Mon Nov 12 17:39:30 CET 2018

Hello everybody,

I am a student from Munich and I am currently working on building some
bare metal code for the Pandaboard M3 co-processor, while a Genode
system, using the L4 kernel, is running on the A9. In order to load the
bare metal application form the SD card I read some blocks using the
sd_card driver.
During the initialization of the driver the following output is produced:
init] child "sd_card_drv"
[init] RAM quota: 104722432
[init] ELF binary
[init] priority: 0
[init] provides service Block
[init] ram_quota=104722432
Warning: Quota exceeded! amount=81920, size=4069, consumed=81920

The Quota waring is coming from the allocator guard in
'repos/base/include/base/allocator_guard.h', but I have no idea which
quota could have been exceeded, because the ram_quota should definitely
be enough when reading only a few KiB.
I would be grateful for any hints or ideas on why this is happening and
how to solve this issue.

Matthias Adams

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