Bender and GRUB1 "legacy"

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at ...73...
Sun Mar 4 17:06:48 CET 2018

On 04.03.2018 13:53, Tomasz Gajewski wrote:
> "Valery V. Sedletski via genode-main"
> <genode-main at> writes:
>> These messages:
>> [init -> drivers -> driver_manager] [31mError: Could not open ROM session for "platform_info"[0m[0m
>> [init -> drivers -> driver_manager] [31mError: Uncaught exception of type
>> 'Genode::Rom_connection::Rom_connection_failed'[0m[0m
> I've had the same info on Fiasco OC. platform_info is available at least
> on NOVA and hw.
Yes, indeed. I tried last time on Fiasco.OC, to see the log mesages on 
the screen. So,
it looks like Fiasco.OC is unsupported for Sculpt, or is it possible to 
go further on it
without a fatal error because of missing platform_info? (Maybe, just 
catch this
exception). Yes, now I tried Scuplt on both "hw" and NOVA kernels, it 
works fine on both.
Though, trying to run "sculpt_test" on NOVA in QEMU, I see "drivers" and 
and "runtime" starting, and then silence (no progress). I commented the 
routing rules
in all three subsystems out, so that, now I see all messages in core 
log. Where could
I look more to see why it doesn't start? I see Nitpicker started, but no 
on the screen. No errors. Maybe, I need to wait more, but much time passed.
>> are strange, because "platform_info" seems to be optional. Previously,
>> it failed too in different scenarios, but it was not fatal.
> If I correctly understand driver_manager is a component in Sculpt that
> generates configuration for framebuffer component to start appropriate
> one (vesa or intel) based on informations acquired from (among others)
> platform_info.
> I think it is not optional for driver_manager - at least it doesn't seem
> to be when looking into code and without driver_manager there is no
> configuration in Sculpt to start framebuffer component.
> Tomasz Gajewski

So, currently Sculpt works with NOVA or "hw" kernels, because core generate

this "platform_info" module. On Fiasco.OC it's missing, so it won't 
work? -- I thought,

it will work on any x86 kernel, excepl Linux... (at least, I see such 
limitation in the

beginning of script).



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