[SPAM] Re: Bender and GRUB1 "legacy"

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at ...300...
Sun Mar 4 11:53:10 CET 2018

"Valery V. Sedletski via genode-main"
<genode-main at lists.sourceforge.net> writes:

> These messages:
> [init -> drivers -> driver_manager] [31mError: Could not open ROM session for "platform_info"[0m[0m 
> [init -> drivers -> driver_manager] [31mError: Uncaught exception of type
> 'Genode::Rom_connection::Rom_connection_failed'[0m[0m 

I've had the same info on Fiasco OC. platform_info is available at least
on NOVA and hw.

> are strange, because "platform_info" seems to be optional. Previously,
> it failed too in different scenarios, but it was not fatal.

If I correctly understand driver_manager is a component in Sculpt that
generates configuration for framebuffer component to start appropriate
one (vesa or intel) based on informations acquired from (among others)

I think it is not optional for driver_manager - at least it doesn't seem
to be when looking into code and without driver_manager there is no
configuration in Sculpt to start framebuffer component.

Tomasz Gajewski

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