My experience with the official release of Sculpt TC

Guido Witmond guido at
Fri Jun 22 11:37:10 CEST 2018

I forgot to sent this to the list for everyone, not just the spooks who 
tapped the line ;-)

On 06/21/2018 01:51 PM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi Guido,
>>> thanks for the report and the log. I have a faint suspicion.
> could you please give the following image a try?

Hi Norman,

Your hunch was correct, this image runs the expand process correctly on
my 'bad' stick. I ran it three times just to make sure, both in usb2 and
usb3 sockets. All good.

Other news:
1. I noticed that the debian iso-download on this 06-21 image was
jittery, stopping the now-counter for a second every few MBs. Is that an
effect of these patches?

2. With the old (sculpt-tc) image, the debian download sometimes hang
with what looked like a filesystem lockup. I could not save the
config/deploy, nor exit vim. Other processes seemed unaffected. Is that
lockup to be expected from the old code?

It could also have been a memory error I encountered with memtest. But
that was transient. I could not pinpoint it to a single DIMM, nor did it
occur any time after that. Perhaps this iron is getting old and flaky.

Anyway, thanks for the patch.

I've attached the log.

Cheers, Guido.

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