My experience with the official release of Sculpt TC

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Jun 22 13:36:20 CEST 2018

Hi Guido,

thanks for the prompt feedback and the thorough testing! We might update
the downloadable image once we update our master branch next time.

> Other news:
> 1. I noticed that the debian iso-download on this 06-21 image was
> jittery, stopping the now-counter for a second every few MBs. Is that an
> effect of these patches?

I don't think so. Supposing you were testing this with the RAM fs, the
jittery effect may be caused by the successive expansion of the RAM file
system. Each time it runs out of RAM quota, it blocks until the sculpt
manager explicitly increases the quota. The current quota is displayed
as capacity value of the 'ram' storage item. When it stops for a moment,
you'll most likely see the value increase shortly afterward, before the
download continues.

> 2. With the old (sculpt-tc) image, the debian download sometimes hang
> with what looked like a filesystem lockup. I could not save the
> config/deploy, nor exit vim. Other processes seemed unaffected. Is that
> lockup to be expected from the old code?

No. We rarely (I have seen it only twice in the last two months)
observed instabilities of the rump-based file-system server. Once this
happens, you may try closing the inspect window (by disabling all
'inspect' buttons), and then opening the inspect window for the ram fs
(which should not be affected). Then you can inspect the '/report/log'
for file-system-related error messages.

It would be cool to secure the log should encounter the problem again.


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